The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation

How you're helping

Almost every one of us will experience chronic illness in our lifetime. Millions of us are faced with it today, whether it is ourselves or someone we love.

The greatest concern of all Australians is our health.

The only way to reduce the risk and improve our quality of life is through investing in innovative yet practical medical research today. Sadly, the field of medical research is limited by the availability of sustainable funding. Most research relies on short term funding opportunities – and if they are unsuccessful in gaining further financial support, it is likely that the research is ‘parked’ and in some cases may never be revisited. We are determined to see things through to a conclusion.

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation is supported by everyday people: mums and dads, individuals and some businesses who share the passion to make the world better.

Every hour of research is critical. Our donors are investing in that time to ultimately give us more time and a better quality of time in the future.

Research by the hour

Our numbers show, on average, that an hour of research at our hospital costs $44. Through the generosity of the community – people like you – we supported 68,000 hours of research this year.

It seems like a lot, and it is, but it’s still not enough. The need is far greater. We hope, with your support, we can provide funding for at least 120,000 hours of research every year by 2018. The more hours we can support, the quicker we can make a difference to people suffering with disease.

Research isn’t just research at The Prince Charles Hospital

Our researchers are medical practitioners who face the daily challenge of saving lives. They are passionate and will not accept the way things are. A culture of innovation, of pioneering and exploration enables them to establish research programs that are designed to make the world better one discovery at a time.

This research is about real patients and making changes in relatively short periods of time.

As one of the world’s leading health facilities for heart, lung, dementia and osteoarthritis care, it is well placed to make things better.