The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation

Charlie's Payroll Giving

At The Prince Charles Hospital, we have a passionate team dedicated to going above and beyond in patient care. Part of that dedication is through our medical research that often has direct impact on clinical practises in the hospital. As an employee at The Prince Charles Hospital, you’re part of the innovative team committed to providing exceptional patient care and outcomes.

It’s good to give, and it’s even better to give to something you care about where you can see the benefits of your generosity. We need your help to keep this innovative culture alive on our campus, and more importantly we want you to feel connected to the life-changing research happening in our corridors.

To make it easy to go above and beyond, we’ve re-launced our Charlie’s Payroll Giving program. For less than a cup of coffee a week, you can get behind the researchers, doctors and nurses helping to solve the toughest medical mysteries.

Simply fill out the payroll deduction authority form, and an amount of your choosing will be deducted each pay to support one of the research projects happening right now. We’ll keep you updated with the latest news every quarter, so you can stay informed and inspired about the important work you’re contributing to.

You can download the payroll deduction authority form here.