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2015 Experienced Researcher Grants Announced


A huge congratulations to the latest round of Experienced Researcher Grant Recipients.

Chief Investigator

Project Title

A/Prof Daniel Chambers

Fixing broken lungs: Next generation ex-vivo lung perfusion.

Dr Petrea Cornwell

Profiling the communication impairment arising from right hemisphere stroke: A preliminary investigation of linguistic, extra-linguistic, and neurocognitive correlates.

Dr Shaun Gregory

Using a bioengineering approach to develop an infection-resistant ventricular assisted device driveline coating.

Prof Scott Bell

Strategies to limit Pseudomonas aeruginosa acquisition and antimicrobial resistance in patients with CF.

A/Prof Peter Molenaar

Beta-blocker control of human ventricular arrhythmias in patients with heart failure through Phosphodiesterases.

A/Prof Daniel Chambers

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis - A disease of stem cell dysfunction?

Prof Mahinda Vilathgamuwa

Efficient wireless power transfer system for ventricular assist devices (VADs).

Prof John Croese

Adjuvant hookworm and gluten micro-challenge therapy for Coeliac Disease: A randomised placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Prof Ian Yang

Mobile health for COPD.

Dr Tony Rahman

Hepatic encephalopathy: mechanisms, diagnosis and improving treatment.


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