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Project Funded


There is currently no cure for dementia but thanks to your support there is hope.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported our Unravelling Dementia project on The Common Good crowdfunding website.

We would like to also thank Becker Helicopters Pty Ltd whose donation helped hit the project’s fundraising target.

Dementia has recently been named Australia’s second biggest killer and affects 44 million people directly around the world.

But thanks to this generous support the first stage of the project has now been fully funded and the first phase of research can go ahead. Researchers at The Prince Charles Hospital are aiming to uncover what causes the build-up of dementia related proteins in the brain. If they can find a way to slow the condition down they’ll help give patients and the people who care for them a better quality of life and more time together.

The Common Good is our initiative to bring together everyday people to fight our biggest health challenged. To find out more about this project or to support the other projects that still need funding visit

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