The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation


Our Board are successful business and community leaders who are passionate about saving lives. They volunteer their time, expertise and contacts – and ensure the charity is well governed. To be appointed on the Board there is an extensive process which requires sign off from the Health Minister, the Premier and the Governor... that’s how important their role is.

Mr Bernard Curran Partner -  BDO
Board Chair and Finance Committee

Fundraising Committee

Ms Cherie Franks, Director of Nursing - The Prince Charles Hospital

Mr Toby Innes Head of Leasing and Business Development Manager - Brisbane Airport Corporation

Fundraising Committee

Ms Jacqueline Ryan Executive Director, Institutional Banking, ANZ

Finance Committee

Mr James Stewart

Fundraising Committee Chair

Mr Terry Sullivan Former State Member of Parliament

Mr Paul McMahon

Mr Peter Tyquin Company Director - General Outdoor Advertising

Fundraising Committee

Mr Anthony White



Finance, Audit & Risk Committee


Purpose: Oversight of financial governance, financial reporting, audit and risk

Chair: Toby Innes

Members: Bernard Curran, Jacqueline Ryan, Michael Hornby (staff), Katrina Beasley (staff)